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5 Common Carpentry Services Singapore 2023

There below listed are 5 common carpentry services that mostly used by the people of Singapore:


1. Kitchen Carpentry Singapore

Some little things which are more rewarding than completing a kitchen carpentry Singapore remodeling the project and assure that all  kitchen items have a space to place. Virtually all kitchens have cabinets, and having a good cabinet means an uncluttered kitchen. From food frenzies to take-out lovers, everyone loves an uncluttered kitchen and a good cabinet is the way to do that. However, a good kitchen carpentry Singapore is not easy to design, it has to offer good ergonomic storage, easy storage and flexible storage. However, if you do manage to find the perfect cabinet, you can kiss the days of a messy kitchen goodbye!
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2. Shoe cabinet Carpentry Services

Being one of the most common carpentry services provided in Singapore, shoe cabinets are an essential to every home. Let’s face it, everyone wears shoes and everybody needs a place to store their shoes.

Shoes cabinet can be found in almost every home in Singapore. These cabinets are used to declutter your front doorstep, store expensive shoes or when designed correctly, can give your living a little extra spunk that it needs! However there is a difference between buying a simple shoe cabinet off the internet and getting a professional carpenter to build a shoes cabinet for you. However, most people in Singapore still opt for a custom built cabinet as not only can it store more shoes, it can also be more flexible in design.
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3. Office Cabinet by Carpentry Contractors Singapore

Remember school lockers? Your one stop shop everyday before class where all your everyday items are stored. A place where you can personalize, design, and know it has everything you need. A great office cabinet carpentry services should incorporate all these things but also be organised.

A one stop shop for all your important documents and stationary, in other words, an upgraded school locker, professional yet reliable, has a high storage capacity yet sleek and slim. Only the best custom carpentry Singapore can provide one with such a luxury. Hire the 2023’s best carpentry contractors Singapore to customize office cabinets according to size and space of your office.


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4. Restaurant Furniture Carpentry Services

Restaurant furniture should not just look sleek and fancy, but should also be comfortable and easy to clean, making their patron’s experience aesthetic, snug and hygienic. This will make the customer’s dining experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

However, getting these quality grade furniture is rather difficult, sometimes they do not sell a whole set so your chairs look out of place, the tables are too big so you may have to remove some chairs. Only custom carpentry services can get you the top grade quality restaurant furniture that your fine establishment deserves.
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5. Retail Furniture Carpentry Services

Good retail furniture can really bring out the best in a business. Having custom made furniture carpentry services Singapore that goes well with your store can really set you apart from your competitors. Fitting your entire shop to a certain theme can really leave an imprint on your customers. Many big stores all have a certain theme, they all have a good theme with great looking stores, so why shouldn’t you?

All in all, if you are looking for good furniture that is able to meet your demanding needs, do consider a direct custom carpentry service. Here at Simple Closet we pride ourselves with our workmanship that takes years of experience to perfect, all of our carpentry service have been carefully crafted with one goal in mind; quality. We try to communicate with our clients as much as possible giving each project a personal touch all the while living up to our clients expectations.

Our carpentry contractors Singapore are also highly precise as we are able to measure and plan on the actual worksite, we are also knowledgeable about all material sizing. With a reputation built by word of mouth, we design and build high quality carpentry works wardrobes, cabinets, kitchen fittings, TV consoles & feature walls, office spaces, storage solutions, entertainment solution, full fitting, Flooring, dismantled services for both residential & commercial sectors.
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