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5 Popular Carpentry Works For HDB in 2023

Thinking of getting carpentry works done at your flat in 2023? Not to worry! There are many contractors who are offering carpentry handyman Singapore to the homeowners. There are about 342 companies in Singapore that provide carpentry services (But who are the good and reliable carpenters in Singapore?) Carpentry businesses build, maintain, repair and renovate residential places to cater to their client’s liking. In general, carpentry services can be divided into two categories: structural and finish.


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A structural custom carpentry service focuses on fabricating and repairing components of a building, utility systems and real property equipment. They prepare drawings of the building for maintenance, alterations, and repair of the structures. It is important to have knowledge about the structure of the building. Whereas a finished carpentry service focuses on flooring, door frames, partitions and more. Finishing carpentry is the final step in the remodeling process. A finished carpenter needs important skills like focus and detailing.

Carpenters are able to specialise in one or two subtypes of carpentry services where they continue to improve on their skills.

Types of carpentry works include

Rough direct carpenters specialise in planning, building and maintaining structures of buildings. They focus on framing structures involved in house repairs or building. Rough carpentry does not require a perfect finish as more will be done later and over it, but requires good structural knowledge from the carpenter.


Joisters fix floor surfaces. Like rough carpentry, they do not require as much detailed work as compared to other carpentry work. However, they require the use of more detailed processes when it comes to doing wooden flooring finishes.


Trim carpenters work on building trims and moldings in a room. There are two different categories of trim carpentry, green carpentry and scenic carpentry. Green carpentry involves using environmentally sustainable procedures in the carpentry duties. This includes using alternative woods, environmentally friendly practices and more. Scenic carpentry specialises in carpentry that involves scenic buildings. Professionals ensure that they build buildings that are able to be used for diverse purposes and emphasise on the appearance as to cater to clients’ wishes.


Cabinet carpenters specialise in carpentry that focuses on making kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and other areas of a building. They can also focus on other building furniture as well. If you are looking for highly customised kitchen carpentry, do take a look at your carpenter’s portfolio when it comes to kitchen cabinetry.


Ship carpenter ensures that the ships they built meet all of the client’s demands. Both structural and appearance.


Framers specialise in building the frame of buildings and houses. The main difference between a framer and a roush carpenter is that framers only work on the framework while rough carpenters plan and maintain as well.


Roofers plan, build and maintain anything that has got to do with a building’s roof construction. They make sure that the roofs are structurally durable and meet the client’s requirements. The difference between roofers and rough carpenters is that rough carpenters work on framing and roofing at the same time, while roofers only specialise in roof related carpentry.


Find A Flexible Carpentry Handyman Singapore

It is important to find a carpentry handyman Singapore who will be able to meet your expectations in all the way.


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There are certain restrictions that require a permit when it comes to wanting to renovate your HDB flat. You have to have a written approval from HDB which will allow you to carry out the specific renovation work. The type of works that require permits would be:


If the renovation does not involve hacking, the permit can take up to three days to be approved. To apply, individuals have to fill out the renovation permit form and submit it in “MyHDBPage” under renovation. Not only that, renovations can only be done on weekdays and Saturdays from 9.00AM to 6.00PM. However, noisy renovation works will have to stop operations by 5.00PM on weekdays.


People mostly opt for HDB carpentry works like kitchen cabinets, TV console, cupboard, study table and shelving. As HDB flats are now smaller, people tend to try to get carpenters to make platform furniture and such so that there will be additional cupboards and storage space to use. With platform beds, you will be placing your mattress on a raised platform, giving ample space below the board for storage. With it being low to the ground, it also increases stability of the furniture. It provides a firm and supportive space for mattresses.


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Since there is not much space in HDB flats, people tend to look for renovation tips to maximise their living space. Like using kitchen cabinets that are simple in colors to brighten up the space. Simple colors help to brighten up the space making it seem more spacious. People also tend to hate the messiness of tangled up TV wires and such. A good carpentry handyman Singapore would suggest a fake wall to hide all the cords and wires so it will look presentable and neat.


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Shelves can be used for many purposes. It is not only an ideal solution to store things but to put on display as well. They come in different sizes and colors. It can be standing units, put in corners or even mounted onto the wall. Shelves are an ideal solution for storing and maximising spaces. By mounting shelves to the wall, you will get more floor space to put anything you want to. However, it is important that shelves are properly and safely attached to the wall to prevent it from falling.


There are many companies in Singapore that provide carpentry services for home renovations. But before that, there are many factors that you have to consider before hiring a contractor. For example, the quality of materials, price, its durability and many more. It is easier to engage with a direct carpentry company for the best quotes. You can request companies to show you their carpentry works from their previous projects so that you will be able to compare it with your expectations. It is always good to know what you want, especially when it is going to cost you money and affect the appearance of your house.


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