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3 Myths about Custom Carpentry


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For some people, carpentry reflects on the image of hammers, nails and some wood pieces, for others it is a work of art. Carpentry is all about building masterpieces with wood, especially if it is a custom carpentry project. Unfortunately, many people are being held back from carpentry due to several myths.


Starting a new business can be scary at first and it can become worse if people start believing in the myths and misconceptions. We have compiled 3 most common myths about custom carpentry. Here are the 3 most common myths about custom carpentry Singapore that may be holding you back from starting your business and we will be explaining it.


1. Plywood used for carpentry is all the same

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There are mainly 2 different grades of plywood available, which are Type I and Type II plywood. Type I plywood has been treated with a waterproof coating and is mainly used for outdoor or indoor where moisture is abundant. Type II plywood is used mainly for furniture, cabinets and carpentry. Plywood also comes in different thickness in the form of 3-ply, 5-ply or 7-ply: the thicker it is the more durable the plywood would be.


Plywood is commonly used in custom carpentry since it is much more affordable and durable. However, the type of plywood that is used comes in different types of thickness (3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply) and its grade (Type I and Type II) is determined by its durability, heat and moisture resistant properties. Which results in the different types of plywood that should be used in different areas of your home like the toilet and living room. For instance, marine plywood which is normally used for bathroom and kitchen carpentry due to its resistance to a humid environment.


2. Custom carpentry only needed if you need more storage space


Although custom carpentry is frequently used for constructing storage such as storage cabinets, it can also be used for many types of application, which is limited by your own imagination and design, up to your preference. For instance, custom carpentry is popular for construction of mezzanine platform, storage staircase, bunk beds, storage bed headboard, multi functional furniture, future wall, kitchen carpentry and many more. Since custom carpentry is made to fit perfectly and precisely, you are able to utilize every inch of your floor area, while enjoying the space that is freed up by the custom carpentry.


There are some ideas for non storage carpentry project can be:


3. Custom Carpentry Singapore is a waste of money


Custom carpentry can help you save more money over the long run. Although custom cabinets are more expensive than mass produced commercial off the shelf storage cabinets, due to the high quality materials and craftsmanship involved. The commercial off the shelf cabinets are made out of cheap chipboard which is very prone to warping and chipping. As a result, they do not last anything beyond 5 years. In contrast to the custom made carpentry, it is usually made out of plywood which is much more durable and can withstand the test of time. 


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Did you know that a chipboard is also known as a particle board. It is made from recycled materials by pressing wood chips or jute chips with a synthetic resin. A furniture made of chipboard can, depending on the chemicals used, release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide. Since formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, be careful with furniture made from materials that do not contain formaldehyde.


Those 3 pointers are the main 3 myths and misconceptions about the custom carpentry. There are another 2 side myths and misconceptions about custom carpentry that have been circling around not long before Covid-19 started. We have compiled the 2 myths and misconceptions. Here are the 2 side myths and misconceptions.


1. Cost of custom carpentry depends on the amount of material used


The factors that affect the cost of the custom carpentry include the material’s origin, the amount of material used, the finishing, the type of plywood and the carpentry contractors. The carpentry usually comes with a laminate finishing, and the laminate that comes with enhanced properties, such as being scratch or fingerprint proof, is more expensive.


Did you know, the matte laminate does not show fingerprints making it a popular choice for time poor homeowners. Although laminated with texture finishing make an impressive visual impact and they are harder to maintain since texture traps dirt. Fire retardant and anti bacterial laminate is usually recommended for kitchen carpentry.


2. Custom carpentry only makes your home more aesthetically pleasing

Although a home decked in custom carpentry is more aesthetically pleasing, when designed correctly, custom carpentry that has been tailored for a perfect fit for specific needs, is able to fully maximize the wall and floor area more effectively. Furthermore, custom cabinets can be safer than free standing storage cabinets, which are not fixed to the wall. When not bolted against the wall, free standing cabinets are hazardous when the heavy drawers are being pulled since they can be easily tripped over.


We have come to the end of the myths and misconceptions about custom carpentry. There are a total of 5 myths and misconceptions about custom carpentry contractors Singapore. 3 common and 2 sides ones.


We hope that the information and the knowledge that we have compiled make you further understand and not be held back to continue the custom carpentry projects or work. If there are any questions or if you want any further details about custom carpentry do drop by at any carpentry shopsand they will tell you more about direct carpentry services that they provide.


Before agreeing to it, do not hesitate to research more about the carpentry contractors Singapore company and the work they do. We hope that we have helped to clear your thoughts about custom carpentry!