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Custom Carpentry Singapore by Simple Closet – 2023

Simple Closet (S) Pte. Ltd. – A reputable custom carpentry Singapore brings you customised carpentry works in 2023 – while cutting out the middleman! Enjoy unrivalled pricing, direct from factory!


custom carpentry Singapore


What is Custom Carpentry?

Custom Carpentry is the measuring and fabrication of furniture for your home or office. We produced custom carpentry such as wooden cabinets, wooden doors, frames and thresholds, wooden kitchen cabinets, wooden parquet panels and floors, wooden windows frames, wooden partitions, and many others!


Custom Carpentry Services


What is the job of custom carpentry contractors?


What are essential things for custom carpentry?

Keeping up with the newest residential and office trends and design is essential to the custom carpentry business. We take pleasure in work and strive to create solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Good carpentry requires quality, aesthetics, innovative design, durability, inventiveness, and competitive costs to get success. As 1 of the most reliable carpentry handyman in Singapore, we are confident we are able to meet your every demand!


Over the last decade, We have successfully finished many projects on custom carpentry in Singapore for both residential as well as commercial. Our projects includes customised carpentry work for Landed Houses, Condominiums, HDBs, Retail, Offices and Factories.


We specialise in highly custom carpentry Singapore for commercial and residential  properties at reasonable prices! From our carpentry workshop in Singapore, The direct factory prices  we offer to our customers. Our carpenters are experienced and work with pride every day of work in order to deliver each project smoothly. When you come to us with your requirements, we can take in your project and do it direct from our factory. Hence, you can skip the hefty fees you pay to middleman such as Interior Designers and Decorators.


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custom carpentry


No job is too small or too big for our highly experienced carpenters. All domestic or commercial projects are created by our highly experienced carpenters, who have the experience and expertise in this field to provide high quality works for our customers. Check out our Carpentry Portfolio projects here.


Custom carpentry Singapore – Our Work Include

Our customers are assured of the quality of work. From small to medium requirements, we are able to create custom carpentry works for you. There are some essential carpentry services to decorate homes. Our work may include those, but not limited to:



When we are working with our carpenters, all the projects are customised according to our client’s satisfaction. All our carpenters are extremely skilled with an exceptional understanding of woodworking. All our carpenters are our own in-house staff and we will work with you on the agreed timeline to deliver the carpentry works that you can be proud of never ending relationship!


carpentry Singapore


For small spaces or large areas, custom carpentry is the right choice!

When you can’t find the right piece of furniture to fit your area, custom carpentry is the perfect solution to finest your home’s beauty with more functions.


For a Small Space: Small condominium flats are very popular in Singapore. In the last 10 years, there has been a huge surge in demand for mickey-mouse houses. We provide custom carpentry for personal and business use in tiny condominium apartments. Our ultimate goal is to maximize the function of the limited space provided through latest techniques.


For a Large Area: For areas with bigger space, you can execute more elaborate custom carpentry according to your taste and concepts. Our work aids in the development of furniture that fits the area in ways that ready-made furniture cannot. We produce furniture designs that fit your lifestyle based on our experiences and passion.
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Go for custom carpentry Singapore instead of ready-made furniture?

Some ready-made furniture may suit your home, but most of the time it needs to be compromised for the space. Moreover, the cost will be high and the choices will be limited. Instead of this, custom carpentry installations perfectly fit your space and you can select the colors and choices as per your taste and passion. Also, the cost is low which matches your budget.

Our clients satisfaction is also extremely high because each customer is given a 100% guarantee for the completed work. We promise our clients that we will use the agreed materials, at the agreed price, to finish the work at the agreed timeline. This is the reason why word-of-mouth advertising is our strongest strength since our inception in 2009.


To find out more about us or to get a quotation from us, do contact our company for custom carpentry Singapore. For a direct quotation, please fill in the form here.


5 Advantages of using direct carpentry services

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